Be a part of Chi Alpha in Indonesia…the largest Muslim country in the world! Located in the heart of Indonesia’s university capital, Chi Alpha Jogja is strategically reaching students from the many different islands and Unreached People Groups who have come here to study.

With over 200 universities and over half a million college students in Jogja, the opportunities are endless and the doors are wide open! You can instantly get involved with what we are doing without having to learn the language or use a translator because nearly all of our Chi Alpha activities are in English.

Opportunities include building relationships, exciting outreaches, conversational English small groups, English Bible studies, and an English worship service. You will also have opportunities to experience Indonesian culture by serving in local churches and helping with compassion work in villages.

There is a place for you! Find out more today!

Opportunity range from 2 months to 2 years.

Interested? Contact Ryan Larimore [email protected]