Have you heard of Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan? Could you find them on a map? If not, you aren’t alone. With high mountain ranges and vast deserts, nomadic people, mega cities and sparcely populated steppes it’s no surprise then, that the Gospel has taken so long to reach the ears of the tribes of Central Asia. They practice Islam, a religion that made its way up, down and through that ancient Silk Road. They also cling to their folk practices of shamanism and witch craft, while being enticed by the vices of the globalized world.

Live Dead Silk Road exists to see the church realized among every Central Asian people group for the glory of Jesus. In order for this to happen, it will look very different than anything the Muslim World has seen before. It will take hours and hours of language study; it will take cultural insight and nuance; it will take a million cups of hot tea shared in community; and mostly it will take an ever-present reliance on the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

Three years ago, God began forming a team in one of the heart cities of Central Asia. Here we have a multi-generational, multi-ethnic team persevering together to see Jesus known among Uzbek, Kazak and Kyrgyz people. We call this training team Launch Team North. Our dream is that one day soon teams will be sent out from Launch Team North to places like Tashkent, Uzbekistan and Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan — reaching UPG’s like the Tatar and Uigher. We believe every person has the right to hear about Jesus in their lifetime — and that Jesus has earned the right to be heard. So, we are praying for team members who are willing to do whatever it takes to see a church planting movement among the unreached across the Silk Road. 

We are looking for those willing to climb high mountains, drink horse milk (Yes! It’s the national drink!), learn how to walk with Muslim friends into real relationship with Jesus, and who will commit to see the church established in the often unknown “stan” countries. Launch Team North has opportunities for summer internship, semester abroad, and give-a-year. The qualifications for joining us are to have a humble and ready attitude to work hard, learn hard, die to self and live for Christ and his body.

Opportunity range from summer, semester to a year.



Ready attitude to work hard, learn hard, die to self and live for Christ and His body.

We do not require CMIT or an internship, ministry skills or a degree prior to coming.