Serve with us in the historic city of Heidelberg, Germany, situated an hour south of Frankfurt and the Rhein River valley. A city of roughly 160,000 citizens it has the oldest continuously running University in Germany. Founded in 1386 the “Uni” has over 30000 students in all fields of study. Despite all the city’s culture and its Christian background, the majority of students are ’nones.’ Many have never stepped foot in church and consider the church and religion to be relics of a bygone era. The university ministry in Heidelberg is part of a bilingual church, called Life Church, as well as a member of Chi Alpha’s sister organization Studenten für Christus.  The mission both nationally and locally is to reach the local campus with the good news of Jesus and to invite them into our community and to reconcile with Jesus. 

If you choose to accept, you will… 

– receive training in cross-cultural ministry.

– receive regular mentoring.

– build relationships with pre-Christian students.

– serve alongside local students and with the local church.

– be stretched personally and in your ministry skills.

Education Requirements:

For 1 year term, Bachelors degree.

For 1+ year term, Bachelor’s degree and CMIT completion