Serve with us in the European city of Vienna, Austria! Vienna is a “gateway” city, where East meets West, half the population are foreign to Austria and the number of Christian’s could not fill up the local football stadium. Vienna is home to multiple universities, with most students being “nones”, unbelievers or representing other religious affiliations. With many job opportunities, the local UN, embassies, and schools, both young people and families from around the region and the world have relocated to Vienna in search for a better life. Our prayer is that they would find that new life in Jesus!

The ministry in Vienna is centralized in Vienna Christian Center (VCC), a multi-ethnic and multi-congregational church with 3 campuses around the city, whose vision is “to make a major spiritual impact in Vienna, Austria and Central Europe”. Teams or individuals would work with the English speaking “International Fellowship” team at VCC, including but not limited to the university, youth and/or children’s ministries.

If you choose to accept, you will… 

– receive training in cross-cultural ministry.

– receive regular mentoring.

– build relationships with pre-Christian students of all ages.

– serve alongside the missionary team, and with the local church.

– be stretched personally and in your ministry skills.

Opportunity Length

10-12 week internships

1-2 year assignments (Bachelor’s degree required for a longer visa).

Requirements: Passion for ministry to students of all ages, a heart for cross-cultural servant leadership, and a willingness to learn.