What if we committed to pausing and praying for one minute every day at a set time for the Lord to move on the hearts of His people to become laborers for the harvest? How many times have you heard ministries and missionaries say “We need more workers”? It’s interesting that Jesus’ strategy for solving this problem in Luke 10:2 doesn’t begin with recruiting. Jesus says our strategy should start with prayer, asking the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers.

Could our labor shortage be related to our prayer shortage?

10.2 Prayer is a movement of prayer asking people to

Step 1: Set a daily notification on their phones at 10:02 (AM or PM) reminding them to pause and pray for laborers. 

Step 2: Recruit others to join the movement as well.

Our goal is 10,080 joining this prayer movement. That’s a week’s worth or 24/7 prayer happening every day for more laborers.