The best way to have prayer answered is to pray what God wants us to pray. Use these prayer points based on Scriptures in your personal prayer times or with a small group.

1. Pray for laborers.

Jesus told us to pray that the Lord would raise up laborers (hard workers) for the harvest fields. Please pray that God would raise up missionaries from all over the world to plant the church together among unreached peoples (Matt. 9:37–38).

2. Pray for the conviction of sin.

It is only through the knowledge of one’s sinful state and subsequent repentance that leads to a turning to Jesus that one is saved. Pray that all men would feel and know the burden of sin and come to Jesus for forgiveness and salvation (Matt. 11:28–30).

3. Pray for the cross to be unveiled.

False religions and deceptive ideologies have blinded men and women from every people to the truths of the gospel. Please pray that God would unveil the cross and that the veil on minds and spirits would be taken away (2 Cor. 3:16–17).

4. Pray for faith and against fear.

The Bible says that God has given His followers a spirit of power. Pray that believers would be set free from a spirit of fear of what may come and boldly proclaim the truth of the gospel (2 Tim. 1:6–8).

5. Pray for the Word of God to rise.

God’s Word is so much more powerful than anything man can say. It is a mighty lion that needs to be unleashed. Please pray for the Word of God (in written, oral, musical, and dramatic forms) to be translated and rise (Isa. 55:10–11).

6. Pray that the Spirit will be poured out on ALL flesh.

God has promised to pour out His Spirit on all flesh, men and women, young and old, rich and poor. Please pray that God would pour out His Spirit on all people and that they would see dreams and visions of Jesus, that they would be powerfully saved and empowered to be His witnesses (Joel 2:28-32).

7. Pray that Jesus would unite the body of Christ.

It is the desire of Jesus that His followers are one. Please pray that God would unite the body of Christ. Pray that Christians from around the world would work together to reach the unreached and that the unreached would be joined to the body of Christ (John 17:20–23).

8. Pray for good soil.

Pray that hearts would be good soil, ready to hear the gospel and respond (Matt. 13:3–9; 18–23). Pray that hard soil would be softened to become good soil.

9. Pray for peace.

The Bible tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalms 122:6) and those we live among (1 Tim. 2:1-4). Pray that the unreached would experience peace not only in their nation but also deeply in their hearts. Pray for the peace that results when men and women are reconciled with God (John 14:27). Pray for men and women of peace (Luke 10:6).

10. Pray for bold proclamation.

Pray believers would proclaim the message of the gospel clearly, making the most of every opportunity God places before them (Col. 4:2–5).

11. Pray against works-based salvation and legalism.

Plead that all men and women will understand that hope for forgiveness and acceptance with God is only through Jesus’ work on the cross (1 Cor. 1:18).

12. Pray for joy in persecution.

Church history tells us that the church grows the most when persecution is present. Pray that the believers will endure persecution in a Christ-like manner, willing to give their lives for the sake of the gospel if that is what is called for (1 Peter 2:21–23).